Aramid Cable Grip – Single eye – Double weave

1- The length L, which is displayed on the table, represents the breaking load of the cable grip before it grips the cylindrical object and is ready to be used. (See the design we made for every table)
2- The breaking load displayed on the table represents a strength of guarantee and safety. It is much smaller than the maximum breaking load where the cable grip breaks. There are many factors which led us to this smaller presentation of the breaking load.
3- The wire rope on the eye of the cable grip is calculated with such manner to deal with and guarantee the breaking load of the grip presented on the table.
4-The price of the cable grip depends on the length and the quantity of wire rope we are going to use for its construction. We offer you competitive prices.
5-On the tables we present the cable grips which regarding our opinion and experience are used mostly. You, though, can order every kind of cable grip which is not presented on the table with any other characteristics you wish

Code Diameter of the aramid fiber used (mm) Ø Diameter (mm) Length L (mm) No of plies Breaking Load (kg)
*1DA01 1,5 6-9 400 8×2 1100
1DA02 1,5 10-15 400 8×4 1900
1DA03 1,75 14-25 500 8×4 2600
1DA04 1,5 20-30 600 12×4 3000
1DA05 1,75 25-35 600 12×4 4200
1DA06 1,75 30-40 700 12×4 4200
1DA07 2 40-50 700 12×4 5700
1DA08 2,25 50-60 800 12×4 7600
1DA09 2,25 60-75 800 16×4 10300
1DA10 2,25 75-90 800 16×4 10300

*Note: Τhe weave of 1DA01 is single.