Technical data

Our main priority is providing you with a functional product customized to meet your unique needs. For this reason, we offer variations of stockings with the same diameter. We understand that each application does not always need the Cable Grip with the greatest pull, but rather there are certain jobs that need Cable Grips with less force. We strongly encourage you to contact us in order to determine the right Cable Grip for your particular job.
We are dedicated to offering excellent service and merchandise. As such, we have tested all of our products so that we can provide you with the most detailed and precise information. Please see this information detailed on the figures on our website. In the search for the perfect material we have constructed “test” stockings with four, two, or one eye and have determined to use only the highest quality metals: 1960 N/ mm 2 galvanized steel straps and 1770 N/ mm 2 Stainless Steel.
As you review our figures please note that for the following reasons the maximum force which will result in breaking of the Cable Grip has not been specified:

  1. Since the stocking is a handmade product, when it is pulled, the pull is not always exactly centered. We have consistently noticed that two stockings of the same caliber and produced by the same craftsman, did not break from the same power simultaneously, but one broke earlier and the other later.

  2. In practicality, the eyes of the stocking cannot point in exactly the same direction. This can result in one of the eyes being pulled faster than the other, preventing the stocking from reaching the “maximum” force required for breakage.

  3. During testing, the following extremely rare issue was observed: as the cable grip broke, the steel belt came out of the metal ring. The reason for this is because the metal rings are not produced for each diameter but for every other diameter. If the need arises, instead of Φ 20, Φ 22, Φ 24 can use Φ 21, Φ 23, Φ 25 respectively, since the former are not produced by factories. The technician can make up the difference by adding pieces of iron to the space of the metal ring prior to crimping. This is usually an adequate solution, however it is not perfect.

  4. Although the steel straps that we use come with certificates of quality, they are not in fact always perfect because of factors such as length of storage at the warehouse.

On our figures we have stated the length grip, which indicates the length of the stocking prior to use. Please be aware that stockings with large diameters need to have their ends tied with either a steel belt or electric cable with insulating tape or other tape.
Additionally, in our figures we are not including a single weave cable grip. In our experience double and triple weaves work much better for pulling, and give the user a sense of confidence and security. With that being said, if a single weave is what you are looking for, we are ready to fulfill this request or any other Cable Grip configuration that you require, just as long as you send us a schematic of your request.

Our family company has the appropriate experience to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We are always at your disposal.